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Get Your Screenplay Produced!

Screenwriting 101...

The art of screenwriting involves establishing a writing routine, arranging your work habits and staying motivated throughout the entire process.
Your screenplay starts earnestly with an inspiration, idea or concept. Out of this abstraction comes concrete elements such as format, plot, characters, dialogue and themes.
You are the writer, first owner of the work. From it's first inception to final completion, your project will undergo a number of developments and treatments so we have compiled some helpful tips to assist you in creating a dynamic screenplay with International appeal.

Plan and Execute the Pitch.

Define the Market and Genre
  • Whoever is listening to the pitch will want to know immediately what market the film is aiming for and how the movie might be positioned.
  • They want to know how this film will sell, and why they have to be a part of it.
    Tell the Whole Story
  • The Producers want to know that the writer understands their own story, knows what direction it is going and how it pays off.
  • Make sure they know what the setting is, who the main characters are and what the theme is.
    Find a Personal Hook
  • Find a personal touchstone that will connect the Producer and people to the themes of your story. Touch his heart. It is likely, the same themes would resonate with the audience that your film is targeting.
    Rehearse your Pitch
  • Grab the Producers interest fast.
  • Look at the Producer as a colleague working together with you to make the film happen.
  • Sell the dramatic depth of the film not the political stance. People connect to drama.

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